Audiosyncracy: Episode 62

June 22, 2012

Bread of Angels – Stanton Lanier – A Thousand Years
High Tide – Joseph Sullinger – Earth Voyage
Vida (Life) – Jose Luis Serrano Esteban – A New Horizon Special Edition

Break: Myrtle – Soundician – Still

Scotch Rocks – Bob Ardern – Wires, Rosewood and Roots
Amber Sky – Soundician – The Speaking Earth
Jubilate – Donovan Johnson – October

Break: Solar Flight – Crystalline Dream – Threshold
Theme: Prelude to the Dance – David Lanz – Skyline Firedance

Jamey Osborne

Jamey is the host of Audiosyncracy, a new age music show that has aired for over 21 years in El Paso, Texas.