Inaugural Sailing (Michele McLaughlin)

Michele McLaughlin at the piano onboard the MSC Divina
Michele McLaughlin performed on the 2016 Audiosyncracy at Sea cruise.

We invited pianist Michele McLaughlin to join us as the featured performer on our inaugural sailing. Michele performed three amazing concerts aboard the MSC Divina with a group of 30 people that included loyal fans of both Michele and the Audiosyncracy show and podcast. Our ship sailed from Miami and traveled to Nassau, San Juan, and St. Maarten.

It was our first rodeo, but everything on the cruise went so smoothly, largely thanks to Michele’s fabulous performances and the enthusiastic support o her fans and friends. Everyone had a wonderful time, and we were so grateful to Michele for being our guinea pig and helping us work out the details of what was to become a fantastic annual tradition. Michele chronicled the adventure on her blog, which you can read here.