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The Essential Audiosyncracy Collection

Hosting a radio program is a pretty cool gig, as a lot of people know. One of the best benefits is a continuous supply of new music constantly arriving on your doorstep (or in your inbox, these days). One of the biggest challenges is listening to it all!

In the 18 years of Audiosyncracy, I’d guess that I’ve received between three and five thousand CDs! Compared to reviewers and major programs such as Echoes, that’s actually a pretty small number. It’s all fun and games until it’s time to move and BOY those boxes get heavy quick!

Audiosyncracy is heard on the public radio station in El Paso, Texas. If you’ve listened to NPR over the years, you may have heard a show called Performance Today, which is a classical program devoted to contemporary (live) performances of classical and chamber music. Many years ago, they had a feature called The PT Fifty, which were classical “must-haves.” That feature inspired the Essential Audiosyncracy Collection. I realized quite quickly that some CDs really stood out. These were the CDs that I loaded onto my iPod and listened to in my car. Some contained the tracks that shook the station late at night, when I aired them with the volume turned to full blast (and, yes, that can happen with instrumental music)! These were the tracks I used to DJ my wedding reception, use as backing for my video projects and even work out to!

The Essential Audiosyncracy Collection is a completely subjective list of CDs that I most whole-heartedly recommend for addition to your library. This is the music that I’d want with me if I were stranded on that proverbial island in the middle of the ocean.

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Jamey Osborne

Jamey is the host of Audiosyncracy, a new age music show that has aired for over 21 years in El Paso, Texas.