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Playlist for February 9, 2020

February 9, 2020

* Sun and Moon – Bob YonkerPeace In This Land
* Wait Until Summer – Kim AngelisPassages
Peaceful Forest (Joseph Akins)- Mindful Music AssociationA Better Life [compilation]
* Hope – Force for GoodPassions

* Viva La Vida – Robin SpielbergLove Story
Wishful Thinking – Darshan AmbientA Day Like Any Other
The Last Goodbye – Doug Hammerpiano2
Tropic of Tango – Lisa HiltonChalkboard Destiny

* Dance of the Marionettes – Edo SanzA Piano Collection
Contemplation – Louis ColaianniaContemplation
* Wind Made Moan – Kirsten Agresta CopelyAround the Sun
Gravity Day 3 – Ludovico EinaudiSeven Days Walking

* = debut (22)

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Jamey Osborne

Jamey is the host of Audiosyncracy, a new age music show that has aired for over 21 years in El Paso, Texas.