The best music of 2017!

For the first show of every year, I select what I feel are the best CDs of the previous year and label it my “best of” show. It’s an unabashedly subjective list of the music that impressed me the most from the previous year’s additions. The music need not be copyrighted in that year, but it will have been added to the Audiosyncracy library during that calendar year.

It’s always something of a harrowing yet thrilling experience to select the music and produce this show. It’s a balancing act of “how many short tracks can I cram into my 61 minutes?” This year, I tried something different: I attempted to keep contemporaneous notes (hmm… where have I heard that phrase before…?) about the music that impressed me as it was being played. I’m not perfectly satisfied with that system as I’ve noticed a couple of worthy entries missed. I’ll keep working on it.

With that introduction aside, and in no particular order, let me introduce you to the Audiosyncracy Best of 2017! The specific playlist will be released after the show(s) airs.

Gina LenéeRed Diamonds

Michael HewettMuses

Art PatienceThe Recognition

Nick DeCesareOpenings


John BurkeOrogen

Christen LienElpis


Steven CEmotive

Michael KollwitzSerenity

Joseph AkinsInto the Flow

Pete CalandraThe Road Home

Jack GatesBring the Flavors

Michele McLaughlinLife

Adam WernerDeep

Timothy CraneThe Fall of a Sparrow

Vin DownesWhen the Sea Lets Go

Terra GuitarraOf Sea & Stars

Tom CaufieldForging The Moonlight

Johannes LinsteadAzul

Peter KaterDancing on Water

Jamey Osborne

Jamey is the host of Audiosyncracy, a new age music show that has aired for over 21 years in El Paso, Texas.