What is Audiosyncracy?

Audiosyncracy is a radio station and podcast featuring the best in acoustic contemporary instrumental music, highlighting piano and guitar but including music from the wider umbrella known as “new age” music.

The mission of Audiosyncracy in all its forms is simple: Connecting this amazing music and the musicians who make it with willing ears.

The program was started in October of 1999 at KTEP FM, the public radio station in El Paso, Texas, USA. Jamey hosted the program live every Sunday evening from 11:00 pm until midnight Mountain time until he moved away from the El Paso area in 2007. The podcast was started, anticipating the loss of the show, but station management invited him to continue the show on a recorded basis, so both elements remain.

Audiosyncracy reports to the Zone Music Reporter system and posts weekly playlists to Facebook. New submissions and artists are always welcome!

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