Radio playlists

The Audiosyncracy radio show airs on the public radio affiliate, KTEP FM 88.5, in El Paso, Texas, USA every Sunday night from 11:00 pm local time (Mountain time, -7 UTC) until midnight.

The program is not archived, but online listening is possible at the link above.

It began in October, 1999, with a collection of Jamey’s own CDs and a few others that the station had collected but didn’t have a place to air. The show grew quickly and hit the national scene the following year. Many thousands of CDs are in the library and more are added weekly. Click here to add your music to the program.

The show reports to the Zone Music Reporter monthly. Playlists have been posted on Facebook and will continue to be archived there, but will be posted here going forward.

Playlist for October 15, 2017

The Audiosyncracy playlist as heard on KTEP FM in El Paso, Texas on October 15, 2017:

* River Story – Annie Locke – A Glimmer of Hope
The Magic Box – Peter Janson – Places in Time
Flying Not Falling – Max Highstein – Flying Not Falling
The Waterfall Waltz – Joseph Akins – Into the Flow

* Sogno di Volare – Christopher Tin
Aurora Green – Nick Farr – Between Then and Now
Quiet Full Moon – Michael Kollwitz – Serenity
Abuelita – Faith Angelina – Reaching 12

Elysian Fields – Ann Sweeten – Flying Solo-Silhouette
Numbers Station – Tom Caufield – Wash the Dusk With Silver
Friday Night at Babaluu – Johannes Linstead – Azul
The Lost Hunter – Darshan Ambient – Lingering Day: Anatomy of a Daydream

* = debut

109 new CDs debuted this year

Playlist for October 8, 2017

Sous le vieux pont de bois – Guy Bergeron & Christelle Cotnam – Car Ride
A Pretty One For Unita – Joseph Akins – Into the Flow
A Map of the World – Peter Janson – Places in Time
Free Ascent – FLOW – FLOW
* Mover – Darshan Ambient – Lingering Day

* Eye of the Storm – Faith Angelina – Reaching 12
Joy – Sherry Finzer & Peter Sheridan – Traveler
Starlight – Johannes Linstead – Azul
Within Reach – Nick Farr – Between Then and Now

Quiet Absence – Aine Minogue – In the Name of Stillness
* Dream Tunnel – Sangeeta Kaur – Ascension Niguma, Vol 2
Caravan of Souls – Jim Stubblefield – Guitare Mystique
Deliverance – Peter Kater – Dancing on Water

  • = debut