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Artist Name: Deborah Offenhauser

Deborah’s musical career has benefited from three hit TV shows playing her music over the years: “Desperate Housewives”, “Madam Secretary” and “The Big Bang Theory”. That along, with “The Weather Channel” and radio airplay, has kept her grateful for many blessings.

What makes your music unique?:

As a composer, Deb picks up on those “melody angels” that sit on one’s shoulder and whisper incessantly some little gem. Persistent as they are, the only way to dismiss them is to put pen to paper and write down the new musical adventure!

Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona
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Eclectic music is at its best with Deborah Offenhauser's latest creation “Soundscapes”. These Contemporary Instrumental pieces range from Jazz to Neo-Classical and from New Age to World music. You’ll want the entire album to savor and listen to over and over again.



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