Radio playlists

The Audiosyncracy radio show airs on the public radio affiliate, KTEP FM 88.5, in El Paso, Texas, USA every Sunday night from 11:00 pm local time (Mountain time, -7 UTC) until midnight.

The program is not archived, but online listening is possible at the link above.

It began in October, 1999, with a collection of Jamey’s own CDs and a few others that the station had collected but didn’t have a place to air. The show grew quickly and hit the national scene the following year. Many thousands of CDs are in the library and more are added weekly. Click here to add your music to the program.

The show reports to the Zone Music Reporter monthly. Playlists have been posted on Facebook and will continue to be archived there, but will be posted here going forward.

We’re on Spotify!

Audiosyncracy is now on Spotify!

In an ever-ending quest to share more of the unique mix of music that is Audiosyncracy, I’ve created the first of what will be several playlists for you to experience the music of the show at any time.

The first playlist is called “On the Air,” and features the music currently in rotation on the program. It will be rotated, just as the music on the program is. Find it here, best enjoyed in Shuffle mode: