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Artist Name: Scott Reich

Musically, I am a classically trained composer with a Doctorate in Music Composition. I also have spent much time exploring the landscapes of New Age/Ambient/Electronic/Cinematic genres, as well as music for film. In addition, Jazz is in my blood. My father was a Jazz trumpeter and I have studied drums with Max Roach, and Arranging at Berklee School of Music in Boston.

I attempt to look for God’s hand in everything that happens to me and everything I perceive or feel. I feel that God is everywhere, at all times, in all places. So the potential for good exists in all reality configurations.

I am also an ardent lover of Nature, so I love hiking either in the mountains or on the coastline in the vicinity of my home in San Diego. I have a deep and somewhat indescribable connection to Kona, Hawaii, where I lived for about 12 years, prior to San Diego. In some ways, it will always be my home regardless of where I live.

What makes your music unique?:

The primary intent of all of my music is to bring more love into the world. So the real home of the music is in your heart, should you choose to accept it.
Life's lovely serendipity has combined in me a classical training (including a Doctorate in Music Composition), many years as a jazz drummer (including lessons with the great Max Roach), a former life in Hawaii, an unconditional love of nature, and an insatiable fascination with Kabbalah. So, somehow, all of this is "in the mix".

Hometown: San Diego
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There are waves of love coursing through the worlds - and through us - at all times. I hope that, in the gentle swells and surges of this music, you might get to experience some of those irrepressible waves washing over you, or moving you along on your own natural buoyancy.

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