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Eclectic music is at its best with Deborah Offenhauser's latest creation “Soundscapes”. These Contemporary Instrumental pieces range from Jazz to Neo-Classical and from New Age to World music. You’ll want the entire album to savor and listen to over and over again.

“Deb, ‘Soundscapes’ came out superbly – extremely creative, a total ‘new age’ place for your skills. Really some wonderful melodies and spaces on this new endeavor by you… impressive! It’s an outstanding 1st class creative project that shows real artistry and serious depth as a composer.”
– James Linahon (engineer for many Grammy nominees), Los Angeles, California

“[As your sound designer], your music was a delight to arrange. It is inspiring and calming for the mind at the same time.”
– Markus Burger, Germany

“Slow cooking makes delicious music meals. You now have given birth to a new treasure for the world to enjoy. Your music and talent is great.
– Suzan Bader of DSM (Decidedly Superior Music) Publishing Company

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