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Michelle Qureshi, Music as Metaphor

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Artist Name: Michelle Qureshi

Believing in the power of music and its great potential to unite, connect, and touch us all, Michelle began composing music in 2011 and now shares her music as both a composer and performer at concerts, festivals, house concerts, yoga studios, art galleries, and special events. As a composer, multiā€instrumentalist, and classically trained guitarist, her work is inspired by her curiosity of sound production, both acoustic and electronic.

What makes your music unique?:

As a teenager I taught myself various styles of guitar and by college I felt a need to study classical guitar, graduating with a BM and MM. Combining my early years of rock and pop with the foundation of Western classical music and a love of world music and film scores, I began composing only recently relative to my instrumental training. Hearing elements of this background throughout my music makes it unique to my journey.

Hometown: Carmel, Indiana
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Composer, multi-instrumentalist and classically trained guitarist with an eight album discography.

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