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Artist Name: John Broughton

I've been writing music all of my life. I'm very excited about the release of my third original album. I live in Florida with my wife of 18 years and our two daughters.

My music can be found on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, Spotify, YouTube, and anywhere else music is found.

I hope you enjoy my music.

What makes your music unique?:

Solo piano with simple but catchy melodies.

Hometown: Fort Myers, Florida
Facebook Page:
YouTube Page:

John has been writing music, in one form or another, for the past 40 years. Now with the release of his third album “Love Remains”, John has firmly establish his sound: simple piano melodies that attempt to convey emotion.

“Love Remains” spans the gamut of emotion, from heartbreak to inspiration. Starting off with “Autumn”, the listener is invited to take a stroll through a forest of falling leaves and brisk temperatures.

“Solitude” forces the listener to consider loneliness while “Your Eyes” speaks to both new and lasting love.

Songs like “After the Storm” and “Making Memories” help to show the emotional range of “Love Remains”.

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