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Artist Name: ELEON
What makes your music unique?:

ELEON's music is deep and lush, and unabashedly Chill while steeped in the aesthetic of current EDM, with a vivid curtain of ambient pads and guitar-like washes.

Hometown: Waco, TX
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iTunes: 6029030348

Growing up with a learning disability in Mesquite Texas, ELEON spent much of his time at home. This
never stopped him from always chasing his dreams and he was always drawn to music. Coming of age in the 80’s lured ELEON into all things electronic. As a child, he learned to play toy Yamaha keyboards by ear, and by the
1990s, he purchased his first professional synthesizer and began learning computers and recording techniques, and soon began composing original tunes on professional synth workstations, never learning to read music.

As a constant dreamer and passionate fan of SciFi and Fantasy, Michael poured his energy into vast electronic
compositions, and by 2008, he had established his first all-digital music studio. With his eclectic taste in music, Michael’s influences have given him a foundation to create a large body of work in a short time. From Glen Campbell Christmas records as a child to early favorites like Michael Jackson, Nat King Cole, and Duran Duran, leading up to current-day acts like Daft Punk, Imogene Heap, and Imagine Dragons, Michael’s sense of musical inspiration has been finely honed. In views creating music as first building the tree trunk (the foundation), then the branches which tells you how big this tree is and finally the rustling of tens of thousands of leaves which fill in all of the gaps and color, bringing the tree (song) into it's full impact and detail.

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