Audiosyncracy Online is a great place to advertise your music, upcoming releases, tours, and anything related to the mostly acoustic, mostly instrumental musical genre that we celebrate on this website.

For information about advertising on the Audiosyncracy Podcast, please contact Stacey Osborne


The music we play on the Audiosyncracy Radio Show and Podcast appeals to a wide variety of demographics. Because our show is on a public radio station, our audience echos the public radio demographic of business and civic leaders, cultural enthusiasts, explorers, lovers of the environment, and trendsetters in technology and innovation.



Banner Advertisement
1920 x 400 pixels

We offer three advertising sizes:

Skyscraper Advertisement
160 x 600 pixels

Skyscraper ads (160 x 600 px) are available on the left-hand column of individual calendar listings. Introductory rates for Calendar Listing Skyscraper ads start at just $15 per month.

Rectangle Advertisement 336 x 280 pixels

Rectangle ads (336 x 280 px) are available site wide (except on the home page) on the bottom and top positions in the right-hand column. Introductory rates for site-wide rectangle ads start at just $100 per month.

Banner ads (1920 x 400 px) are available on the home page. Introductory rates for home page banner ads start at just $150 per month.

We offer unlimited placements in key locations throughout the website, and discounts for three- and six-month contracts.  We can also design and build your advertisement if you need assistance .

We invite you to download the AUDIOSYNCRACY MEDIA KIT to learn more about our advertising placements and rates. When you are ready to discuss the best advertising strategy for you, fill out the form below or contact Stacey Osborne and we will be happy to set you up!







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