User registrations

WordPress, as a CMS, is a lovely target for spammers and other people who want nothing to do with the legitimate purpose of this page. I’ve been battling bots who register for bogus accounts for many weeks now and it’s become tiresome. I don’t enable comments on these pages for the same reasons, so I’ve decided to eliminate the registration option since users don’t really do much here anyway except create artist pages. I’m also disabling and deleting any accounts of people who I don’t recognize as an artist. If you’re a fan of the page and I inadvertently delete your account, let me know and I’ll reinstate it immediately.

If you’re an artist and you wish to have a profile in the Artist Directory, simply email me and I’ll be happy to set up an account for you and email your credentials. Also: artists don’t need to worry about renewing your Directory listing. I’ll take care of that for you without any action necessary on your part.

Sorry for any inconvenience this causes to anyone but the spammers and bot operators. 

About Jamey

Jamey is the creator and host of Audiosyncracy, a radio show heard in El Paso, Texas, USA, featuring the newest contemporary instrumental music. Described as "mostly acoustic, mostly instrumental," the 61 minute program anchors a broad range of activities, including a podcast, a musically-themed cruise and, sometimes, a streaming music station.

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