New chart report!

Audiosyncracy is pleased to announce that, effective the week of January 30, 2018, we will be adding weekly top 10 charts to the New Age genre at NACC! The New Age chart will be one of the new ones they’re adding. You can find info at NACC.

First impressions: It’s a very easy chart to enter (a big deal from the radio perspective). The weekly entry will be interesting to watch as it evolves, from a procedural standpoint. Another item of interest will be how fast it catches on with other programmers.

In case anyone wonders, my first chart was:

  1. Ryan Marvel – Reflecting Forward
  2. Matteo Palmer – Opaline Sky
  3. Eugene Friesen – The Essential Collection
  4. Terra Guitarra – Spirit Wheel
  5. Matthew Labarge – Spiriti
  6. Deborah Offenhauser – Soundscapes
  7. Christine Brown – Ascend
  8. Christopher Boscole – Soul Dreams
  9. AeTopus – Totem Totum
  10. Ken Verheecke – Consider the Moon & Stars

Should I post all my ZMR and NACC charts? I will if there’s interest….

About Jamey

Jamey is the creator and host of Audiosyncracy, a radio show heard in El Paso, Texas, USA, featuring the newest contemporary instrumental music. Described as "mostly acoustic, mostly instrumental," the 61 minute program anchors a broad range of activities, including a podcast, a musically-themed cruise and, sometimes, a streaming music station.

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