Playlist for November 5, 2017

Sorry for the late post! Stuff happens…..

* Awakening – Arash Behzadi – Elsewhere
No Hurry, No Worry – Michael Kollwitz – Serenity
Lullaby for Baby G – Joseph Akins – Into the Flow
Arc of Angels – Darshan Ambient – Lingering Day: Anatomy of a Daydream
Within Reach – Nick Farr – Between Then and Now

* Bitter Majesty – Christen Lien – Elpis
Chasing Rainbows – Faith Angelina – Reaching 12
Flight from the City – Tom Caufield – Wash the Dusk With Silver

* Core – John Burke – Superstratum
* Boreal – Francois Couture – Neige
Veil of Tears – Ann Sweeten – Flying Solo-Silhouette
* To the presence of movement – Kevin Kastning & Carl Clements – Even this late it happens

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Jamey is the creator and host of Audiosyncracy, a radio show heard in El Paso, Texas, USA, featuring the newest contemporary instrumental music. Described as "mostly acoustic, mostly instrumental," the 61 minute program anchors a broad range of activities, including a podcast, a musically-themed cruise and, sometimes, a streaming music station.

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