Audiosyncracy: Episode 70

March 13, 2014

Before the Rain – Zachary Bruno – Before the Rain
Blush (feat. Artemis Robison) – Falling You – Blush
Heart – Doug Hammer – Heart

Break: Myrtle – Soundician – Still

Passage Into Midnight – Omar Akram – Daytime Dreamer
W. 52nd St. – Darshan Ambient – Little Things
Hawi Moon – Kevin Keller – Nocturnes

Break: Solar Flight – Crystalline Dream – Threshold
Theme: Prelude to the Dance – David Lanz – Skyline Firedance

About Jamey

Jamey is the creator and host of Audiosyncracy, a radio show heard in El Paso, Texas, USA, featuring the newest contemporary instrumental music. Described as "mostly acoustic, mostly instrumental," the 61 minute program anchors a broad range of activities, including a podcast, a musically-themed cruise and, sometimes, a streaming music station.

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