Audiosyncracy: Episode 6

Audiosyncracy – episode 6

May 27, 2006

* Firefly – Ken Elkinson – Cue
* Au Jardin du Roi des Lapins – Campanile – Nocturnal Journeys
* Behind the Veil – Jeff Oster – Released
* To the Places In My Soul – Vicki Logan – The Journey to the Places in My Soul
* Una Furtiva Lagrima – ORIGEN – New Age Opera
* Desert Cloudburst – Jeff Bjorck – Pure Piano Panoramas
* La Luna (3L) – Ottmar Liebert & Luna Negra – La Semana
* Prism Bell – Patrick Gorman – Sounds from the Wishing Well
* What I Never Said – Jamie Bonk – My World
Theme: Prelude to the Dance – David Lanz – Skyline Firedance
Breaks: Drifting Between Stars/Cats Sleeping on Clouds – Maneki Neko – Auracle

About Jamey

Jamey is the creator and host of Audiosyncracy, a radio show heard in El Paso, Texas, USA, featuring the newest contemporary instrumental music. Described as "mostly acoustic, mostly instrumental," the 61 minute program anchors a broad range of activities, including a podcast, a musically-themed cruise and, sometimes, a streaming music station.

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